Sunday, September 15, 2002

Two Contrasts
1. We are sittng at the Shabbat table debating whether DebkaFile is right 80% of the time and wrong 20% of the time, or the other way around. According to Debka, the war on Iraq started some months ago and US/British/Turkish allied forces are already in control of the airspace in all of western and some of southern Iraq. We discuss whether Iraq will send biological, chemical or radiological weapons our way, and whether this time they'll avoid the taboo of 1991 and target Jerusalem too. Later, I am downstairs with my neighbor comparing Internet plans and whether we should upgrade to ADSL or cable modem.

2. On the way home from the park, 11-year old Amir asks: "What do you think I should do this year on Yom Kippur? Ride my scooter or fast?"

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