Sunday, November 17, 2002

Live from Jerusalem...It's This Normal Life

You may have noticed that a new title has appeared in recent days for my web column. I decided to take the “normal life” tagline I’ve been using to describe what I’m trying to do here and to make it a formal part of the title.

Also, I needed a formal title for something new that I’m very excited about.

You can now listen to This Normal Life on Jerusalem Post Radio. I’ll be presenting a 4-5 minute audio essay based on the columns I write here every week on the Jerusalem Post’s Internet radio station. The first installment was posted last week and a second went up today.

- Click here to launch your Windows Media Player and listen to the first piece, “Bedtime for Gar-Bonzo.”
- Click here to listen to the second piece, "Supportive Cast."
- Click here for the website.
- Click here to go the This Normal Life Radio Archive Page where you’ll be able to access all past readings. This link also appears on the right-hand side menus.

One more reason for the name change: I’m trying to build readership for the column by looking into opportunities for syndication – both in online and traditional print media (read: newspapers and magazines). If you have ideas of where this column could appear, or contacts that could make it happen, please be in touch by clicking my name below and sending me an email.

The response I’ve gotten to This Normal Life has been overwhelming. There have been hundreds of visitors since the word began getting out, and while that may not seem like much according to web standards, this is not a massively-promoted selling heavily discounted Viagra.

Here’s a brief sampling of some of the wonderful words of encouragement I’ve received:

Rebecca Friedman of New York:
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us. I enjoyed reading your stories and musings. I am so glad that you have found a way of expressing yourself through the difficulties….When some choose to stay in Israel and take on hardship as part and parcel of daily life, it is so affirming of life's higher purpose.

Scott Lawrence of Jerusalem:
Thank you truly for your thoughts and postings. You help me put into perspective many of the day-to-day events we all experience. Keep the faith.

Mayer Abramowitz, referring to the essay “A Cure for Jewish Lifecycle Dissonance”:
The piece you sent me is absolutely fabulous, not only as a eulogy but an affirmation of faith, tradition, family, Israel.

Carey Brown, one of Marla’s roommates during her first year in Jerusalem:
I just looked at your web page and wanted to thank you for sharing all of your writing. One or two articles had been forwarded to me via email in the past few months and I found them very touching then…but reading them in diary format, as you are struggling to deal with the pain of her death, really hit home for me.

Liz Levine of San Diego:
I must tell you how touched I was to receive your postings. Thank you for creating such an informative and moving site.

David Leek of Australia:
I read your postings regularly and they’ve given me at least some understanding of what every day life in Israel must be like. Your “Great Race” posting really touched me. I read it just after the tragedy In Bali. I too “demand a rewrite.”

Eric Friedman of Los Angeles:
I have spent the past hour or so reading article after article and link after link….Your articles are very moving

Thank you all for your support. Please keep reading and getting the word out on This Normal Life.

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